UWS Archive: Fish

Year: 1998
Level: First Years, Spring Semester 1
Unit: 33064 Foundation Studies 3
Duration: 6 days
Dates: July 27, August 3, 10, 17, 24, 31


This project, the first of only two offered in the unit for the semester, was co-conceived with Rhett Brewer.


We thought it would be an interesting strategy to offer a project as a single word and with some degree of amusement we opted for ‘Fish’. The assumption being that this theme would offer endless possibilities that could be ‘hooked’ into without too much prompting. As in similar project ‘launches’ the first session involved most of the participating Lecturers giving short talks or performances. Michelle Beevors talked about how to net fish, Mikala Dwyer read out a long list of the names of different fish, I talked about ‘fish consciousness’ (as a variant on ‘bird consciousness’ used in previous projects); if one were to enter the mind of a fish, how would your view of the world change and your sensory experiencing of it? How would creative work evolve from a Piscean perspective? As preparation for this project I took the opportunity of reading Izaak Walton’s classic textbook for fishermen ‘The Compleat Angler’.

At the opening session extracts from two videos were shown, at Rhett Brewer’s suggestion: “A fish called Wanda” and the famous ‘fish dance’ from Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

Following the briefing the students were very much left to their own devices.

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